Are you NUTS about something?

Looking and smelling great is always good, but how about how you feel? Many times we have this idea that eating and being healthier entails losing tons of weight and being on diets where you are unhappy with, and on top of it all its so expensive right? Wrong! Because the same amount of money that was used to purchase something that will completely not help your body can get you something so nutritious of which your body will thank you in numerous ways.

What am I speaking about? Yep, you’ve guessed it right, the amazing benefits of small snacks many of us take for granted and don’t get the credit that they should be getting…Nuts!

Besides being a great snack and taking away those cravings to chew something, without the guilt, did you know that some nuts reduces the risk of alzheimers? Or increases metabolisms? Pretty nifty right? Well let me get to it.

Pecan nuts, reduces risk of gallstones, great for weight management and rich in anti-oxidant properties.
Walnuts-improves bone health, reduce risk of diabetes, risk of blood pressure and heart disease.
Pistachios– great for anti – aging properties, Boosts your immune system, high in Fibre, helps with digestion, great for your heart health.
Cashew nuts-improves metabolism, improves eye sight,great energy levels and good for teeth and gums.
Peanuts-contains folate which is great for fertility, protects from cancer, reduces weight gain.
Almonds-reduces cholesterol and Lowers risk of heart attack,reduces risk of alzheimers, improves brain function, protects walls of blood vessels.

How cool are herbal teas?

There are so many teas to choose from, with so many different functions, below I’ve attached great pictures giving you a clear description about how awesome these little heros in boxes have gone unnoticed.

The thing I love about herbal teas is that it can be consumed any way you see fit, with your shake, as a ice tea or just normal hot beverages. So a teabag can easily be added to your water bottle when going out for a morning jog.

With all this goodness added with Rooibos, a caffeine free antioxidants locking in all those good super juices making you feel like a super hero.

It’s important that we heal naturally making our bodies function a lot better and restore it to a great state.

“Seize your moment”

This is a perfect time to have watch a movie, this stormy weather in Cape Town! And what beautiful way to be home in your toasty warm bed, socks and watching television drinking hot beverages.

So I found myself watching Coco, as Im a network marketer and have the luxury to stay in bed and work, but it was something about this scene where senor Dela Cruz says: “you need to Seize your moment” when I thought this is so true because the moment will not just come to you, or your life will not just change all by itself. You need to change it-Seize your moment! I saw something online and it said:” you cannot get new results from old habits” we all are going through some tough times, which we never thought would come to surface itself. Just remember you are not alone!

However you are alone if you are sitting in a corner feeling sorry for yourself licking your wounds! What is your excuse? The world has endless possibilities out there, you just have to go out there and Seize it!

I know somebody needs to hear this today. You have to spread your wings and go do things you were never able to do, change your hairstyle, read that self help books your always wanted to do or listen to that podcast or get involved in your own podcast or just join a new opportunity with you can make your own money, but DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE! Do you really want to be the one that’s sitting there, waiting for one for one day that things will be different? No my dude or dudette! Go out there and Seize your moment! Work on your confidence, start a workout routine or start a skin care routine.

See this time as your own movie. What ever you put into yourself or anything is what you going to get out! Get that concept, what I invest is what I am going to get out. So if Im not pushing or giving the best of myself to anything I’m busy with, what the hell am I doing?

Well it was a great movie as you can see. If you need a opportunity, if you need a chance to prove to yourself that you can Seize your moment! Reach out to me📩 let’s Seize your moment together!

Unmasking the truth

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for the last two weeks and thought I finally do it as ,it is really bothering me and in case there are many others that might be wondering let me get right to it.

I’ve found a website where they are explaining different types of masks or face coverings ,the links to these websites il drop at the end of this article.

We all know that we really need to wear fabric/cloth masks as the corona virus is a respiratory virus and that they indeed are transmitted through droplets in the air. So we need this,however there are a number of people that I know who have got ashma and at a severe level,so what can they do?

Only thing I can think about is the face shield for those people , according to the WHO they do not recommend visors/face shield to be used however it can be used easily and yes,I know at the sides of your face their are open spaces ,but what if you are in close proximity to a group of people then you can put the cloth mask on you face additionally whilst wearing your face shield. At least the amount of fresh air ,is extended and the amount of time of wearing the fabric mask is shortened.

Manufacturers are making these visors because eventually ,everybody will realize that the shield is a healthier route, in a oxygen to carbon dioxide ratio if you think about it.

Remember to take the necessary supplements to keep your lungs healthy during this time.

Your health is important. Reach out to me 📩 to get hold of fabric masks or face shields. Please remember to always have immune boosters too.

Skin care: Daily routine Part 2

Sunscreen: Sunscreen should be applied religiously after your moisturizer, and is part of your day routine because you are exposed to su light. Some products has SPF in it, however make sure if it is that way with your products. If not make sure to get a sunscreen appropriate for your skin type.

Serum: serums are exploding with antioxidants and help fight free radical damage. They can also help with collagen production, as they’ve got 2 anti aging ingredients, retinol and peptide which stimulates collagen.

Treatment: normally used to treat skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation,eczema, acne, dark circles and so much more. “Skin treatment products are all regulated and have to be approved by the FDA. They can be in the forms of creams, gels, lotions, solutions, serums and medicated facial pads,” explains Dr. Tonkovic-Capin.

Face oils: nutrient-filled oils that help make the skin more resilient. Face oils hydrates the skin as can be used on any type of skin, for easy use a few drops can be added to your moisturizer and applied to your skin as per normal, giving your skin extra hydration.

Eye cream: takes aways puffiness,wrinkles and dark circles from the eyes,and when it’s being applied always use the two ring fingers which are known as the ring fingers,it should be done this way as the skin around the eyes are the most soft skin on your face,thus treat it gently.

Chemical peel:

Chemical peels remove the outer layer of the skin, which means they tend to go deeper to remove more excess dead skin cells than exfoliators. They usually contain glycolic, salicylic or lactic acids. “Use it once every two weeks, but avoid these if you are prone to rosacea and eczema,” says Jaliman. Chemical peels tend to be more intense and typically are done by a professional, but there are also at-home DIY peels available to address things such as acne scars, wrinkles, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Skin care: Daily routine Part 1

So I’ve attached a diagram of a typical skin care routine, where you can clearly see what is used, however you didnt come here to just stay at pictures right? So let me cut to the chase of why we use these products and what they do:👇

Cleanser:After finding out what skin type you are you can pick the appropriate skincare products for your skin, always remember if you cannot afford to purchase the complete skin care range a cleanser/face wash is the most important one to have.Now remember if you have a dry skin type and you trying different cleansers stay with a cream cleanser!Most of the time it is suggested by dermatologist that cleansers should be used twice a day to remove bacteria, dirt and pollutants from the skin, of cause once being in the morning and one in the evening, however the mistake most of us make is to use the same products after the cleanser at night too, and not getting the correct products for our skin type.“For example, someone prone to breakouts may use a cleanser with salicylic acid only to find it has a reverse effect. When skin is dried out, it increases oil production, which can only make a breakout more prevalent. The best approach would be to see a dermatologist for a skin assessment and a product recommendation that is most suitable for your skin type.” – according to Dr. Margarita LolisMoisterizer:If ever you have fallen asleep with either the fan or heater on those cold winter nights you will understand how extremely thirsty you were when you woke up from your nap. This is exactly what your skin feels like on a daily basis and our skins water would be, moisturizer and if you really want to get some good hydration for your skin from head to toe, be on the look out for ingredients su h as glycerin or hyaluronic acids, so be sure to have a moisturizer, especially in this time when we have to sanitize everywhere we go, alcohol can be harsh on your hands be sure to follow up with a hand cream after sanitizing.

Exfoliation :To exfoliate is super important, it should be done minimum once a week or maximum twice a week never more! Over exfoliation will strip your skin from natural oils and minerals.An exfoliator removes dead skins cells, pretty much anything that removes dead skin cells is a exfoliator.“Chemical exfoliators (like salicylic acid or glycolic acid) chemically break or dissolve bonds between dead skin cells,” explains board-certified dermatologist Viseslav Tonkovic-Capin, MD. “The dead skin cells become loose and shed off, making the skin look [more] radiant and youthful. They also open the pores, enabling their contents to discharge on the surface to prevent acne and inflammation. Given that exfoliators are mild acids, they also lower the pH of the skin, killing the harmful bacteria,” he explains.

Toner: Toner can be used after a cleanser twice a day to remove excess traces of makeup or other residue from the skin. “Toners shrink pores and restore skin to its natural pH balance,” says Lolis. “This is important because when our pH levels are thrown out of whack due to soaps and chemicals in cleansers, oil production increases, causing a cycle of breakouts.” Those with sensitive skin should use an alcohol-free toner.

Masks:The market is booming with all these different masks, but this particular mask I’m talking about here is the mask that gives your face a refreshing feel.There are different face masks for each skin type, and even brightening, soothing and so much more to choose from usually its done once a week. And it feels amazing.

Benefits of meditation we did not know.

I’m on this journey of health and fitness, and I must say, sometimes it can be difficult;but I find it all worth it in the end when I see the way my body thanks me for what I’m feeding it.

I find that there’s more to health than just drinking supplements or transitioning to an organic life. We sometimes forget about mental health, those are all things contributing to our overall health.

I have personally meditated a lot before, especially after a good workout at gym. It makes me feel whole, makes me feel happy, contented, uplifted and happy to be alive. It gives you a piece of mind, or just peace. It makes one feel closer to the maker.

Sometimes getting in just 10/20 minutes of pure meditation, will make the world of difference internally. I have this one go to app that helps me during my meditation or anythig for that matter it works with binaural waves, triggering the brain in different ways and it really works.

Binaural playstore free app this is the link to a YouTube channel all about binaural beats and then you can specify with beats you want, alpha waves, delta waves, etc

Health is important, all types of health and I will continue doing research to give you all the best health in all avenues at the most least expensive rates as possible, your health is important to me as much as my own health. Let’s look after ourselves, we all we’ve got!

S. T. A. M. P Program

Have you ever wondered what the S. T. A. M. P program is?

Weightloss products.

Shake the shake is a meal replacement, now let me explain a meal replacement does not mean all meals should be replaced. It simply means that one of the three meals we need to have a day, should be replaced with a shake. I suggest you invest in a great shake that will give you all the essential nutrients needed for your body to function very well.

Tea now the tea’s name is “instant beverage” according to the company I’m with, why? Well because it can be enjoyed hot or cold. Here’s the best part, with every time you consume this tea you lose 80 calories and get a great burst of energy,and an overall good feeling.

Aloe max now as you can see in the name it’s aloe vera, now as you know aloe vera is known as the Miracle Plant, so what is this aloe vera going to do? His going to clean out your body, from all impurities that prevents your body from soaking in all the good nutrients. It also helps you digest your food faster, so a definite metabolism booster.

Continue reading “S. T. A. M. P Program”

Why the organic lifestyle transition?

No matter what the size health is key!

There comes a time in your life when you really have to re-evaluate all the choices you made thus far, and if those choices brings upon a slight depression or even sad emotions, I’ve got to tell you, then what you’re doing is not right. Nope!

I made a tough decision that I want to live a healthier lifestyle, not because it looks cool or is easy, but because, well I haven’t been looking after myself as I should.

After seeing how over the years my parents health deteriorating, and this coming from two people who were health freaks! But I didn’t want that for myself, matter of fact my mom would always beg me to look after myself because she doesn’t want me to go through what she is going through, and I took that to heart.

I joined companies that is all about health, I surrounded myself with people who wants to live healthier, I wanted that to become my “new normal” and it worked. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t even have to drink coffee as much or at all, I’m mentioning this because I love coffee, I still do but, herbal teas are better, or atleast that’s, what I am feeding my brain but, shhh! Don’t tell her I told you.

Organic living is basically helping your body, line up its defense against anything. Like did you know there are natural antibiotics, which is much better than prescribed antibiotics, with this being said, if you are used to the organic life your body will be a lot stronger. As it’s being taught to stand and fight on its own.

Organic living, so what will this mean for you? You will feel much more healthier, have more energy, won’t get flu as easily and you will be happier, as you are in tune with your body. Look I’m not vegan or asking you to become vegan I’m just showing you ways of giving yourself a break, our bodies does so much for us, what can we do for it in return? How are you going to thank your body?

Also people tend to have this misconception that being skinny means you automatically healthy, no this is so wrong and being fat does not always mean you’re lazy or unhealthy. Do not strive to be skinny, strive to be healthy!

Make that’s difference for yourself, you’ll thank me later.

Who knew these amazing uses for bergamot oil and coconut oil?

Bergamot oil is derived from a citrus fruit.

So what can bergamot oil be used for?

Helps relieve depression,so it’s a great idea to invest in bergamot scent candles or incense sticks.

It prevents and fights infections anywhere inside your body.

Aids in digestion.

Reduces fever.

Fights respiratory conditions.

Helps lower blood pressure.

Boosts skin health.

Works as natural deodorant.

Boosts oral health.

Lowers cholesterol.

Now we get to the great uses for coconut oil.

Amazing coconut uses.

Heals wounds.

Lowers blood pressure.

Reduce puffiness around the eyes.

It can be used as lipbalm.

Hemorrhoid relief.

Removes stretch marks.

Nourishing hair mask.

Can be used in cough syrup.

Can stop nose bleeds.

To remove chewing gum from hair.

So what if we combined the two super oils? What would it do for my hair?

Helps promote growth.

Bergamot displays antimicrobial activity when applied to the scalp.

Soften and tame curls.

Soothes an irritated scalp.

Acts as stimulant therefore improves circulation.

Anti bacterial agents removes dandruff.

Treats dry and damaged hair

Tames frizz.

Adds shine.

Quick tip: The use of coconut oil helps reduce protein loss in all hair types.

Reach out to me for more info on my bergamot and coconut oil hair range.
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